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Pilot list

Here you can find pilots who are pre-registrated on Vertigo Voss 2013 and approved by the comitee.

We have 18 pilots pre-registered.

Amun Løvland Glider - Amun Løvland

Amun Løvland

Nationality: Norwegian
Glider: U-turn Triller 17
Glider colours: White, orange and black
Team: Hakkeno Akroteam
Sponsor: Rolf`s Golf

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Frode Løtvedt Glider - Frode Løtvedt

Frode Løtvedt

Nationality: Norsk
Glider: SOL SuperSonic
Glider colours: white/orange/turqoise
Team: Arctic Acro Team
Sponsor: Pure Fun

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
kjartan andvik Glider - kjartan andvik

kjartan andvik

Nationality: norsk
Glider: im turning
Glider colours: blå
Team: vestlanslefso
Sponsor: vestlanslefso

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
David Geiser Glider - David Geiser

David Geiser

Nationality: Switzerland
Glider: Niviuk N-Gravity 3
Glider colours: green yellow purple
Team: Cat Acro Team
Sponsor: Adr Toitures, SupAir

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Jérémy Péclard Glider - Jérémy Péclard

Jérémy Péclard

Nationality: Suisse
Glider: Niviuk NG3
Glider colours: Violet,vert,jaune
Team: CAT acro team
Sponsor: Sup air, Fly Riviera

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
François Glider - François


Nationality: france
Glider: Emilie AirG
Glider colours: White blue red
Team: I will thing about
Sponsor: AirG; Reversale, Glide, Supair, Bleoneaile, Digne les bains.

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Humeau Glider - Humeau


Nationality: france
Glider: Octan FLX
Glider colours: red, green, wite,
Team: Sexylolotte
Sponsor: François Ragolski

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Schricke Martin Glider - Schricke Martin

Schricke Martin

Nationality: French
Glider: AirG Emilie wild13 18
Glider colours: Blue purple Green red
Team: AirG Family
Sponsor: AIRG products, Mundaka Optic

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Luis Mickey Glider - Luis Mickey

Luis Mickey

Nationality: Norwegian
Glider: U-Turn Thriller 2K12
Glider colours: Yellow/Black/White
Team: SPL@
Sponsor: Call me!! Urgent :D

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Morten Knapstad Glider - Morten Knapstad

Morten Knapstad

Nationality: Norwegian
Glider: AirG Emilie
Glider colours: White
Team: Voss Ventus
Sponsor: OneCall

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Pål Hammar Rognøy Glider - Pål Hammar Rognøy

Pål Hammar Rognøy

Nationality: Swedish
Glider: Thriller2k12
Glider colours: green/white
Team: BULAboys
Sponsor: BULA, GoPro

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Mikael Kjellman Glider - Mikael Kjellman

Mikael Kjellman

Nationality: Swedish
Glider: Thriller
Glider colours: Orange/black
Team: Swedish National Team
Sponsor: JMK Innovation

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Rolf Magne Fredriksen Glider - Rolf Magne Fredriksen

Rolf Magne Fredriksen

Nationality: Norwegian
Glider: Thriller X3
Glider colours: GREEN/YELLOW/RED
Sponsor: ITNO

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Lino Oehl Glider - Lino Oehl

Lino Oehl

Nationality: GER
Glider: emillie
Glider colours: Yellow/green
Team: Stay Irie
Sponsor: airG, SUP Air

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Marvin Ogger Glider - Marvin Ogger

Marvin Ogger

Nationality: German
Glider: Emilie Wild 13
Glider colours: Green/yellow
Team: Stay Irie

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Rolf Dale Glider - Rolf Dale

Rolf Dale

Nationality: Norway
Glider: U-Turn Thriller
Glider colours: Circus
Team: CAT
Sponsor: Lierne

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
lehoux alain Glider - lehoux alain

lehoux alain

Nationality: français
Glider: emilie airg 17m2
Glider colours: jaune blanche verte
Team: no team
Sponsor: welcome !!! contact me!!

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)
Guri Norheim Storiede Glider - Guri Norheim Storiede

Guri Norheim Storiede

Nationality: Norwegian
Glider: U-turn thriller20
Glider colours: Prangende,red,yellow
Team: Team nødis
Sponsor: Bilen til pappen

CIVL World Ranking (WPRS)