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Welcome to the Norwegian Cup paragliding acrobatic in Voss – Norway!

The Norwegian Cup

The Norwegian Cup is a series of individual FAI cat2 events where the Norwegian pilots also collect points for the season total. Each individual Norwegian Cup competition is open for all international acro pilots, as it must be to be an cat2 event. Normally they run over 2-3 days with a tight program where up to 3 runs are done in a day.
The organisation of each Norwegian Cup is very simple, and pilots should not expect lots of pricemoney, free food and free living. Bring your tent, and have fun with us at the same time as you collect points for your World Ranking.

FAI sporting license
All pilots must have valid FAI sporting license to compete in FAI cat2 events. You can get this at your own national paragliding federation. Casino på nett med poker skole - lær poker med os!